Here at Lush and Luxury we take great pride in offering the highest quality personalised shopping experience to all our clients.

We established this business to fulfill a growing need that we identified in global spending trends. Many people have a desire to be at the forefront of fashion, others simply want to be able to buy products that aren’t available in their own countries and finally, many online sites do not ship outside of Europe. This created a gap in the market and one that we were happy to fill.

We are based in Switzerland and our team has extensive experience in the field of high-end purchasing, client services and a broad network of suppliers in many fields. Although our main focus is on items available across Europe, we are also branching out into the US market.

So where do you start?

  • Your favourite brand / designer has a new range that is releasing in Europe and you’d like to be a trendsetter at home. We can help you obtain your items long before they will be available commercially in your country.
  • You asked a friend to bring you your ideal “must-haves” from their overseas trip and they forgot… we can help you out.
  • You’re desperate to get something from the European continent, but no-one you know is travelling any time soon… that is where we come in.
  • You’ve seen an item online, but the store doesn’t ship to your country? No problem, let us purchase it on your behalf and you’ll have it in no time.


How does it work?

  1. Start by contacting our Sales department using the contact form  on our website. Please provide as many details regarding your request as possible. These include links, photographs, descriptions etc.
  2. Once we have all the information we require, we will check various sources for the requested item and compare prices if we identify multiple sources.
  3. We will investigate the best options for shipping your items, depending on your preferences:
    • Best price
    • Fastest delivery option
    • Personal handover at your home (usually courier)
  4. You will receive a comprehensive quote which lists:
    • The full price of the item(s)
    • All shipping & handling charges
    • A reasonable fee for our services
    • There are no hidden costs. What you see, is what you pay and all proof of costs will be provided to you for transparency.
  5. Once you are happy with your quote, you confirm your order in writing via email.
  6. Once we receive confirmation, you will receive an invoice in PDF format. We accept the following forms of payment:
    • PayPal
    • More payment options coming soon
  7. Once we receive the full payment, we will start sourcing your item(s) and ship them to you as soon as we are able.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details

We look forward to helping you make your shopping dreams come true!